lets try this again

August 27, 2009

After much harassment from family and friends, I will be starting another blog.  Perhaps this will be successful, unlike last time.  (last time = wellifyoucrochetsew.blogspot.com)  I must say that wordpress already seems easier than google blogs.  I still love google.  

If anyone wants to decide a blog name for me that would be wonderful.  I am not creative in the word department.  

Just wanted to post something so I can see what this will look like.  I must watch Barefoot Contessa now.  She (Ina Garten) is now my favorite from the Food Network.  Don’t hate.


2 Responses to “lets try this again”

  1. charlyann said

    i’m glad i was able to inspire you….

    but for real- so glad you are blogging again. it was so great to hang out the other day! i’m going to be brainstorming a name for your blog.

    ps im loving that yarn pic

  2. Tara said

    oh yaaaa i can’t wait for your blog. it’ll probably make me want a better functioning camera

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