Catching Up

August 28, 2009

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to since we’ve moved to Nashville

Today was my last shift at Starbucks.  Bittersweet, but I am very happy with the decision.  Waking up at 4:45AM was messing with my body.  Always sleepy, belly aching, not eating right and uhh, a little gassy!  I will miss making drinks and talking to nice people.  I won’t miss rude people.  Note to everyone:  DO NOT TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE YOU ARE CHECKING OUT.  EVER. 

I want to use my new free time to craft more and I’ve thought about making stuff to put on etsy.  But then I can’t decide what I would make.  And question whether my stuff would be good enough to sell.  Got any ideas?  Maybe small flowery paintings or crochet flower broaches (guess I would need to figure out how to make those…ha sure its easy).  Then I wonder what would make my stuff better to buy than someone else’s.  And who would buy it?!?  

We’re headed to Louisville this weekend to visit family and go to the Kentucky State Fair!!!!  Also, I am getting a haircut, in case you care.  

If you are reading this here blog, you need to comment.  The reason behind this is that if I think no one is reading then I am not going to have the motivation to write.  Got it.  Even if you randomly came here from facebook, don’t stalk me and not tell me about it!!


lets try this again

August 27, 2009

After much harassment from family and friends, I will be starting another blog.  Perhaps this will be successful, unlike last time.  (last time =  I must say that wordpress already seems easier than google blogs.  I still love google.  

If anyone wants to decide a blog name for me that would be wonderful.  I am not creative in the word department.  

Just wanted to post something so I can see what this will look like.  I must watch Barefoot Contessa now.  She (Ina Garten) is now my favorite from the Food Network.  Don’t hate.